Research Theme

Development and Measurement of “Maemuki (Forward-looking)” indices

We will create a subjective index of positivity (positivity scale) and establish a method to estimate mental “positivity” from physical information.

In this way, we will clarify the positive factors and degree of positivity appropriate to the social situation, and establish a system for evaluating positivity that fits the individual’s situation. We will construct a system to evaluate the level of forwardness that fits the individual’s situation.

In addition, we will improve real-world sensing technology and clarify the effect size of positivity, as well as the circulation and generalization of positivity.

  • YAMADA Makiko
  • KASHINO Makio
  • SHIMOJO Shinsuke
  • HAMADA Hiroaki

Assistance and training for “Maemuki (Forward-looking mind)”

We will establish “prospective” assistance techniques using sensory manipulation (rhythm, opticalflow, etc.), brain activity manipulation (MRI, EEG), and molecular function manipulation (chemical genetics).

We will also establish “prospective” training techniques using biomechanical manipulation
(gait, movement, posture, etc.).

  • HIRAO Takahiro
  • MINAMIMOTO Takafumi
  • SADO Natsuki
  • INOUE Ken'ichi

“Maemuki (Forward-looking)” ELSI and social applications

We evaluate “positivity” in a variety of social situations.

We will identify the elements and degree of “positivity” that leads to desirable new advancement status in populations with various attributes and situations, including developmental stages such as children, adults, and the elderly, as well as palliative care patients and patients with psychiatric and neurological disorders such as dependence, mania, and depression.

In addition, we will examine the efficacy and ideal state of “positivity” support by “positivity” assistants and “positivity” trainers.
The findings from these demonstrations will be consolidated into a reference manual and ELSI guidelines for “Positive” support.

  • TAGUCHI Shigeru
  • FUJIMORI Maiko
  • MATSUDA Tetsuya
  • TAKAHASHI Hidehiko