• Invited Lecture
    Tanabe’s Mediation Theory: Its Essence and Potentialities

    Speaker: Taguchi, S.
    Society: Colloque international de phénoménologie « La phénoménologie et “l’oubli” du Japon. Rôle et signification du “Japon” dans la phénoménologie au XXIe siècle »
    Place: Université de Strasbourg

    • Invited Lecture
    Somatic and neural synchrony in social interactions, team flow, and beyond

    Speaker: Shimojo, S.
    Society: The 53rd NIPS International Symposium Neural Dynamics and Information Processing in the Brain and Body, National Institute for Physiological Sciences.
    Place: National Institute for Physiological Sciences

    • Invited Lecture
    Introduction to implicit brain functions

    Speaker: Shimojo, S.
    Society: Huntington Medical Institute, Retreat
    Place: Huntington Medical Institute, Pasadena, CA.

    • Invited Lecture
    From Relation to Mediation: The Potential of ‘Disconnecting Connection’ in Husserl and Hajime Tanabe

    Speaker: Taguchi, S.
    Society: The annual meeting of the Polish Phenomenological Association
    Place: Online

    • Invited Lecture
    Positive illusions:integration from molecules to functional brain networks

    Speaker: Yamada, M.
    Conference: UK-Japan Neuroscience Symposium
    Location: Cardiff, UK

    • Invited Lecture
    Imaging-Guided Chemogenetics: A Window into Nonhuman Primate Brain Circuts and Functions.

    Speaker: Minamimoto, T.
    Conference: Organization of Human Brain Mapping (OHBM)
    Location: Montreal, Canada

    • Invited Lecture
    Integrating positive illusions – from molecules to functional brain networks, to embodiment

    Speaker: Makiko Yamada
    Society: The 1st CBS Collaborative International Conference
    Place: RIKEN Brain Science Institute: BSI